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Apiary Fund – funded

Mission statement

‘To bring educational resources and personal experience to traders and Investors alike.  To save you time and improve your financial performance'

From previous discussion we have looked at forex training and how you can learn to trade forex currencies.

However, how to go from novice to funded member may seem impossible. This is what I thought prior to being introduced to the Apiary Fund, back in April 2016.

It is for this reason I am writing one of many Apiary Fund Reviews that can be found on search engines. The reason I have decided to write about my experience with The Apiary Fund is that mine is a positive experience and the start of a new episode in my life.

An introduction to The Apiary Fund

Back in 2016, I received an email with a 30-day free trial of the Apiary Fund trader development program. I have checked and the 30-day free trial is still current you can find it here :

The Easy-Money Referral Program.

The development program

I checked out the program and was able to see first hand the mentoring programme and have the chance to make some trades on a demo platform to try out the different trading styles available. The program is broken down to different levels and each level has modules, videos, and discussions to enable you to pass through the different levels.

Live Trading Platform

The trading platform is live feed so you are practising with up-to-the-minute currencies market without the risk to your own money.

Once you understand from your studies the different trading styles, you can practice with different indicators and time frames. It does not matter which country or state you live as The Apiary Fund is open to:

Worldwide Stock Exchanges

  • The London Stock exchange from 08.00 to 17.00 hours GMT,
  • The New York Stock exchange from 12.00 to 21.00 hours GMT
  • Sidney Stock Exchange from 22.00 to 07.00 GMT
  • Japan 23.00 to 08.00 GMT.
As you can see from above there is an overlap between the different stock exchanges and this often results in volatility causing the markets to move more quickly than other times in the trading day.

Risk Management

It is essential to have risk management in place to prevent large loss to your trading account.

The Apiary Fund is very thorough in their risk management training and teaches position sizing and stop loss and take profit, which can be preset on the platform to save time and save you from forgetting and setting your trade up to possible drawdown, particularly in volatile markets.

Completion of your Trading

Having worked through the different levels of the training and successfully building your account size in your working demo account, your account will be analysed by the Risk Manager. He will look at your stats and in particular your risk management strategy. If this meets with his approval you will be made up to a Gold member and you will be rewarded with a funded account.

Funded Accounts

Gold members continue with their trading, only now they are trading with real money moving from a demo account to a real live account. They continue to trade following their trading strategy and within their trading plan only now they receive a percentage of what they accrue in their account within that month. This percentage increases as their account size increases.

Building a Business

Once you start receiving monthly commissions you may wish to start your own business, here you can claim back business expenses, one of which can be any training fees, or equipment needed to perform your business. You will definitely want an accountant who knows his business and one you can trust.

Financial Success

Good luck with your new business venture. Your Apiary Training is your first step to preparing for your new financial success. I hope you find Apiary Fund Reviews helpful in making your decision.

The Easy-Money Referral Program.