Financial Trading and Investing

Financial Trading and Investing

Hi and welcome to my Financial Trading and Investing Website. I started to be interested in trading in 2015 having received an email offering ‘a way to make money and grow rich in the forex market’. From there I continued to invest in myself by learning all I could in the forex market and over the years I have diversified into options, stocks, cryptocurrency, gold and more recently angel investing.

The start of investing in myself
In the beginning, I knew nothing of the forex market but started to look at different companies dealing with forex trading. Needless to say, I lost more than I made without formal training but I did not give up but looked to find a mentor to learn from. Having completed my in-depth training with that company I was given a funded account to work with and have been growing this having ups and downs but continue to learn and grow.

Having retired from full-time employment
I retired from my full-time employment in July 2018 with a pension pot and monthly pension. Prior to retiring I had prepared for retirement by attending webinars and reading information to do with stocks and options and opened a trading account to commence trading. Again I joined a well-known mentor to ensure that I had the information to make sound investments, nothing guaranteed but also to avoid throwing money away. As I mentioned earlier I have diversified to other investments some long term some shorter-term and I do this for myself and for my family/children and grandchildren.

My purpose for this website is

to offer resources to allow you to invest in yourself, your future and your children’s future and to bring you financial and investment information that you may not have access to without a network of financial experts.

Financial trading and investing: it not only for the rich

This website will not be giving stocks or investment recommendations but aims to give you the resources needed to find your own network of financial experts and mentoring into the many financial areas available to you. The only area I have not assessed myself it real estate but that it not to say that I will not be working towards this in the future.
Financial trading and investing is not only for the rich. Investing in yourself with financial information it an important first step. It something that can be started at any age.


All the very best.


Financial Trading and Investing